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Church of rock

October 31, 2013


TW BMTH playlist

It’s not often you find me banging on a church door trying to get in but on Tuesday night there I was outside St Mary’s, Sheffield, waiting for divine intervention to grant me entry to an exclusive Bring Me the Horizon gig. In the end the powers that be turned out to be the saintly tour manager and I took my place in the hallowed hall, which fortunately has long since dispensed with pews.

Just 200, hardcore fans were allowed to join the party. Most had won their golden tickets via Facebook and the remainder who spotted the “secret gig” onTwitter queued up for one of the final slots.  The set list was just six songs – note the odd biblical reference in there – and the whole thing lasted 30 minutes, just long enough for digital channel Vevo to get what they needed for the latest Bring me the Horizon video.

TW BMTH fans

It wasn’t an easy job but the light had to be limited to get the projections to work and the whole thing looked and sounded really amazing.  The verdict on my first rock gig in church – slightly surreal but incredibly atmospheric.  Thanks for getting me in guys – can’t wait to see the vid!

TW BMTH projection