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Elton John gets the party started at Leeds Arena

September 10, 2013


Leeds Arena finally, officially opened its doors last week and looking rather less like a candle in the wind and more like a rhapsody in blue national treasure Elton John blew in and well and truly brought the house down.

The Arena was literally packed to the rafters and it did take a very long time to get those 13,500 bums on their spanking new seats but the atmosphere was amazing and while I may not be Britain’s biggest Elton fan I have to confess I was quite excited to be there.  Big show, sparkly set, grand piano and a living legend about to rock up; definitely not your average Wednesday night. Well maybe yours but not mine.

Standing between the fans and their idol a trusty security guard sat alone in the pit scanning the sea of faces for any issues until he was rudely mobbed by a horde of paparazzi and hastily got to his feet kindly allowing me to pop a knee on his chair for a bit of stability.  What a gent.


What I’d thought would be more of a family show kicked off with a pole dancer video for the opening number The Bitch is Back.  As the only girl in the pit I tried not to take it personally but I was slightly relieved when the pole action was replaced with a rather more comfortably vintage ELTON backdrop for classic B-B-B-Benny and the Jets.


And that was it, two songs and we were out on our ears but still I went away impressed. The performance, the presence, the incredible rapport with the audience and the fact that Elton John can still belt them out after all these years. A truly fantastic opening gig for the arena and glad I was there to see it.  Hope it will be the first of many.