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Boomtown Rats…not quite like Clockwork!!

November 5, 2013

TW rats close

TW rats standing

Well they may  not like Mondays but I don’t like gigs that start way before they’re supposed to!!

The legendary Boomtown Rats were in town, touring following their big reunion at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival.  Leeds O2 and they’re on at nine, allegedly…! I rock up at eight to catch the support and think – that’s interesting, they sound very like the Boomtown Rats.  The penny drops, I dive in, pass in hand, no time to worry about the wide angle lens and fortunately I’ve only missed half a song.  My only consolation is that the house photographer is only just ahead of me and has also missed the support.

Not the best start, the light was shocking and I was concentrating so hard that I couldn’t even tell you if one of the first three songs was Clockwork, or Mondays or any of the other hits that carried the world through the seventies. What I can say is that at 62, and in his now trademark fake snakeskin, Bob Geldof has most definitely still got it.  He was in a happy smiley mood  and there was no ranting at least while I was there…not that we ever mind that. And judging by the audience there is still clearly a huge appetite for what the Rats have to offer.

TW rats close 2

As for punk poet Patrik Fitzgerald, well I can only apologise for completely missing his set.  Apparently Patrik is oftentimes credited as the originator of ‘folk punk’ and his current album is called ‘subliminal alienation’ so like Bob he clearly remains a man with a message.  Just a pity he was delivering it at tea-time really.  If any of you did happen to catch the show  maybe you could send us a couple of snaps and a quick review…??