Bouncers and Babyshambles


This week we’re in Sheffield for Babyshambles and even before they arrived (they are notorious for their lateness) things were kicking off down the Leadmill.  Next to the pit a row of girls lined the front barrier and I’m not sure if there was some issue over territory or there was something more personal going on  but pretty soon there was a huge scrap in full swing with proper punches and lots of hair pulling.  It’s daft I know but I’m always a bit taken aback by girl-fights.  Anyhow the bouncers waded in and duly evicted the two main culprits before there was actual murder on the dance floor. Fortunately in the pit things were a lot more civilized and we settled down for a nice, convivial evening.


The band showed up, only half an hour late, and needless to say they got a brilliant reception from the packed house. The Leadmill’s a good venue for Babyshambles, warm, intimate and you can get nice and close to Pete Docherty as he sways in your direction.  On the positive side he does tend to stand on the one spot which is good but on the other he is a bit all over the place..on the spot..which is not so good.  I’m guessing he’d had a few pre-gig beers but who knows, could be a problem with his inner-ear.  Either way getting the shots was a wee bit tricky and the red lighting didn’t help much.  Nice mac and trilby though Pete – stylish and strategic when the beer is raining down.


While I may not have recognized any of the three songs I got to hear they were certainly entertaining and dare I say, catchy.  So…overall, worth the trip over but I then made a swift exit avoiding any altercations with angry young women on the way out.  I like my hair.


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