Perfect pitch in Ramsbottom

Ramsbottom Festival

And finally in this year’s tour of the music fests, we arrive in picturesque Ramsbottom which would do pretty well as a location for Midsommer Murders.  Rolling hills, the perfect village church, with a steeple just visible from the campsite, stone cottages, a horsey shop, a cricket pitch for a festival ground and lots of lovely art.

Ramsbottom Festival

Ramsbottom Festival

The bar was open in the pavilion which also operated as a second stage and Crabbie’s were there to add to the civilised English perfection.  On Friday evening Public Service Broadcasting got us off to a similarly vintage start. Their archive American 40s style commentary harked back to days gone by and every now and again they’d throw in a “Thank you Ramsbottom” in politely comedic fashion.  You could happily stretch out on the manicured green carpet and enjoy the music and the old school, black and white TV presentations as if you were in your very own living room.

Ramsbottom Festival

I am Kloot successfully stood in for advertised headliners The Futureheads and pretty soon the older element of the audience were happily singing along.

Ramsbottom Festival

On Saturday, I have to confess the unexpectedly perfect weather led to a lazy breakfast and a later arrival for the music but  we made it in time for Swedish band Junip who delivered a lovely, languid mix which definitely fitted our chilled out mood.  Talking of which by the time Richard Hawley arrived on stage there was a bit of a nip in the air.  Some heart felt audience participation helped keep out the cold until we could retire to the pavilion for a nightcap.

Ramsbottom Festival

On Sunday the weather had most definitely turned and we headed home through the torrential rain and force 10 gales feeling like we’d had the best of Ramsbottom.  Family friendly, no argie bargie in the pit and really rather super.  I’ll definitely be back next year.  Next weekend we’re up in Darlington for a rather different kind of fest – the UK’s first Festival of Thrift.  So if you’re a re-cycler, an up-cycler, or a free-cycler then join us. Appropriately enough – it’s free….

Ramsbottom Festival


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